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Visit Tallin

Destination committed to cutting carbon

In 2023, Visit Tallinn hosted the Green Destinations annual conference, attended by 250 delegates from worldwide destinations. Climate Score conducted data collection, with minimal effort needed from the meeting planner. Two days before the event, the planner received a comprehensive storytelling package, including badges, presentation slides, social media content, and a detailed CO2 event report.

During the event, Climate Score showcased the live results to the 250 delegates, revealing the event’s exceptional low carbon footprint. The event received an outstanding Climate Score rating of 9.5 out of 10, setting a best-in-class standard.

In comparison to an average event, this achievement translated to a significant reduction of 4,400 tons of CO2, equivalent to a car traveling 13,050 kilometers (the round trip from Tallinn to Barcelona twice). The delegates left the event inspired to make similar climate-conscious choices in their own lives.