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Where sustainability meets smart business decisions.

A win-win tool for the planet
and your business

The Climate Score® is a unique concept created by ClimateScore which follows ISO-14040 and ISO-14044 and has been critically reviewed by a heterogenous panel of three climate experts. It is an annual score, ranging from 1 to 10 (with 10 being the best), reflects the lowest quantified CO2 emissions per guest per day.

Prioritize climate actions and reduce your costs

The Climate Score® serves as a guide for selecting environmentally conscious accommodations and doubles as a valuable tool for hotels. It empowers them to strategically reduce future emissions by prioritizing initiatives and investments based on their potential for CO2e emission reduction.

Fact-Based CO2 Facts

We provide a tailored Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method to calculate CO2 emissions per hotel and event guest, covering all relevant categories such as food, energy, transport & services. The method adheres to ISO 14040 standards and meets the environmental data requirements of ESG reporting.


The ClimateScore badge is tangible proof of your environmental commitment, serving as a powerful marketing tool. Strategically activate ClimateScore badges and market your hotel or events as environmentally responsible choices, appealing to eco-conscious travellers and businesses.

Effortless Start

ClimateScore offers a simple solution for hotels and venues navigating sustainability. Complete a straightforward data template and submit documentation. Our seamless, cost-effective pathway reduces CO2 emissions, resulting in immediate savings and attracting eco-conscious guests.

Cost Reduction

Our recommendations are easy to implement in your hotel, creating cost savings of at least €3000 and potentially reaching millions once implemented. We offer a cost-saving promise: if we don't identify savings of at least €3000, you will receive the product for free.

Long-Lasting Impact

Our tool provides financial benefits for quickly and easily reducing CO2, creating a lasting impact. Receive yearly ESG environmental accounting (including Energy, water & CO2) and an assessment of the climate impact of the hotel's existing improvements.


The method is well-documented and adheres to ISO 14040, an international standard that describes principles and frameworks for the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of products and services, including information on data collection/processing and the results.