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Welcome to Climate Score Award

The Climate Score Award is our way of highlighting and celebrating the significant efforts towards climate responsibility within the hospitality industry. There is a growing demand for more environmentally conscious travel options among private travelers, businesses dedicated to cutting carbon emissions, including in their corporate travel, and in anticipation of forthcoming EU regulations on green claims. At ClimateScore, we recognize environmentally responsible hotels and conference centers on both a national and regional scale, using factual data, through the Climate Score Award.

About The Climate Score Award

The Climate Score Award is presented to hotels or conference centers with the lowest documented CO2 emissions per guest, based on data collected from the establishments themselves. ClimateScore converts this data using a method grounded in CO2 data, which underwent a critical review by a panel consisting of three members from the Danish Technological Institute, Quantis, and the Global Footprint Network. This review was completed in January 2024 and confirmed that the method complies with international standards ISO-14040 and ISO-14044.

All hotels and conference centers are invited to participate in the 2023 Climate Score Award, which will be published the 16th of May 2024. Registration is closed.


16th of May

Award winner announcement

Time to publish the winners.

Terms and Conditions

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