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Whether you’re an individual hotel, part of an independent chain, or a member of a large hotel group, it’s time to embark on a journey with Climatescore to reduce CO2 emissions and save costs.

1. Identify Your Ambitions

Find the level that aligns with your eco-conscious goals among our three products:

Climate Score:

When you’re ready to commit to cutting carbon, the Climate Score package is for you. Obtain your Calculated CO2 impact per guest and Climate Score® based on your data. Simply fill out a straightforward data template and submit documentation. Once a year, you’ll receive a report showcasing the climate impact from your hotel, the estimated climate impact from completed improvements and initiatives, recommendations for CO2 and cost savings, and, finally, your Achieved Climate Score Badge and Committed to Cutting Carbon Badge.

Best Performer:

When you’re ready to challenge the E in ESG, the Best Performer package is your choice. You’ll receive your yearly ESG environmental accounting (including Energy, water & CO2) and an assessment of the climate impact of the hotel’s existing improvements. In addition, this package includes a comprehensive report with specific potential for immediate CO2 emission reduction, cost savings, the Calculated CO2 impact per guest, your Achieved Climate Score Badge, and Committed to Cutting Carbon Badge.

Best in Class

When you’re ready to lead the way, the Best-in-Class package is designed for you. Receive property and kitchen benchmarking analysis, a Climate benchmarking report, and your Climate Score® in a comprehensive report, including customized CO2 reduction and cost-saving recommendations. Once a year, you’ll receive ESG environmental accounting (including Energy, water & CO2), a detailed climate report, and practical recommendations.

2. Find Your ESG Responsible Department

Identify the department (often it is finance or facility management) with all the necessary data, and when you’re ready, reach out to us. ClimateScore is here to guide you on your path to a more sustainable and cost-effective future.

Let’s make a positive impact together! Get started with ClimateScore today.