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Welcome to ClimateScore for Hotels

Welcome to ClimateScore, your trusted ally in navigating the green transformation within the hotel industry and meeting the increasing demand for environmental responsibility. Why is ClimateScore the ideal partner for your hotel? It’s clear – by adopting eco-friendly practices, your hotel has the potential to significantly reduce its carbon footprint, save money in the process, and attract a growing number of eco-conscious guests and companies.

The growing awareness of climate impact and the imperative for reduction has led to the development of numerous climate tools and methods for calculating emissions in ESG reporting. Unfortunately, many of these tools are ‘homemade,’ combining different approaches and lacking validation.

ClimateScore takes a scientific approach based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) principles and adheres to ISO 14040 and ISO-14044 standards. This method has undergone critical reviews by three external climate institutions, ensuring its reliability.

Here’s why you should choose ClimateScore for your hotel:

Elevate Your Climate Commitment

Make a meaningful difference by obtaining your hotel’s Climate Score. Whether you’re ready to commit to cutting carbon or aiming to be the best in class, ClimateScore has tailored solutions for every stage of your sustainability journey.

CO2 Breakdown and Savings

Our products provide you with comprehensive reports, practical recommendations, and clear, actionable steps to reduce CO2 emissions and save costs. We’re not just about numbers; we’re about real, actionable steps to make your hotel more sustainable.

Badge and Storytelling Integration

Stand out as a climate-friendly hotel with our prestigious badges. Showcase your achievements, commitment, and dedication to cutting carbon. Leverage storytelling content for marketing on your website, social media, and promotional materials to amplify your eco-conscious initiatives.

Cost Savings Promise

Worried about the financial impact? Fear not! ClimateScore comes with a €3,000 cost-saving promise to identify potential savings. We believe that sustainability should not only be good for the planet but also for your bottom line.