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Once you’ve expressed your interest in participating in the Climate Score Award and paid the registration fee, you will receive the data template required for participation in the Climate Score Award 2023. It then only requires you to fill out the data template with information about your hotel and attach documentation such as electricity bills, guest numbers, water consumption for the year 2022, green certificates, etc. To make filling out the template easier, we host a ‘Meet the Experts’ Webinar, where you can ask questions about the data template and meet the experts from ClimateScore.


Register your participation

Registration is open. You receive the datatemplate when payment is completed.

Enter your information into the data template

Collect data and fill out template.

Return the completed data template

Return template and associated data to


You have now done everything required to participate in the Climate Award.
    1,750/ year
    The Climate Score Award is your gateway to recognition and impact. Embark on a transformative journey with us today, leading up to the award ceremony on XX date.


    • Climate Score Award participation
    • Calculated CO2 impact for your hotel pr guest
    • The Achieved “Climate Score” Badge
    • The “Committed to Cutting Carbon” Badge

    All prices are exclusive to VAT.

    3,000/ year
    Climate Score Award participation with additional insights. Receive your hotel’s Climate Score based on your data, achieved through utilization of a simple data template.


    • A report showcasing the estimated climate impact from completed improvements, both today and if recommendations are implemented
    • Recommendations for achieving CO2 and cost savings
    • Calculated CO2 impact for your hotel per guest
    • A €3,000 Cost-saving promise to identify potential savings the first year.

    All prices are exclusive to VAT and are based on a yearly subscription with a 3-month notice period.