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Welcome to ClimateScore

ClimateScore is founded in Denmark, by two passionate Danes, René Jacobsen and Jens Sørensen, who shared a vision for a more sustainable and eco-conscious travel industry. René and Jens are committed to making a tangible difference for hotels and the world. Their enthusiasm for travel is equalled by their dedication to challenging the current environmental impact of the hospitality industry. Recognizing a growing demand for transparency and trustworthiness as travellers become more aware of eco-conscious initiatives, they developed Climate Score® – a tool for hotels and events to reduce CO2 emissions with easy recommendations.

About the Climate Score®

Climate Score®, developed by ClimateScore, is a unique metric that converts a hotel or event’s CO2e emissions into a numerical value – the hotel’s Climate Score®. This annual score, ranging from 1 to 10 (with 10 being the best), signifies the lowest quantified CO2e emissions per guest per day. The score is dynamic, resetting yearly with updated data and must always display the assessment year. This intentional design sparks continual emission reduction efforts, motivating hotels to act proactively.

The Climate Score® is influenced by guests and the hotel’s consumption, including choices related to food, energy, etc. This innovative method, grounded in a scientific approach based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) principles and adhering to ISO 14040 and ISO-14044, has undergone critical reviews by three external climate institutions, ensuring its reliability.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is considered the most comprehensive method for quantifying climate impact. It is the preferred approach in anticipation of the future EU ‘Green Claims’ directive, addressing communications and comparisons related to climate. This ensures that your communicated results and scores are robust, minimizing the risk of greenwashing allegations or critical inquiries into your outcomes.

The Climate Score® is designed to make it easy for you as a guest to choose the desired climate footprint during your hotel and/or conference stay, while simultaneously motivating hotels to improve their climate footprint over time.

While GHG and ESG reports serve all companies for broader reporting, ClimateScore focuses specifically on hotels and conference venues. The key difference lies in what is included; ClimateScore considers emissions from sustainable energy sources, rewarding real actions and initiatives that reduce consumption and emissions on hotel premises. It does not allow for CO2 compensation, emphasizing genuine efforts over offsets.

At ClimateScore, we believe in empowering hotels, guests, and businesses to make informed choices for a sustainable future.