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ClimateScore your Event

Take your event to a new eco-conscious level

Elevate your event with our unique product that not only calculates your Climate Score® but also assists in making significant carbon reductions, transforming your event, and future events, into a guiding light for others on the eco-conscious journey.

What you get with ClimateScore:

Climate Score® Result

Receive a Climate Score® based on data for your planned event. This score is a comprehensive measure of your event’s environmental impact.

CO2 Breakdown and Savings

Gain insights into the CO2 footprint of your event and discover the savings achieved through eco-conscious actions compared to a scenario with no sustainability measures.

Storytelling for Engagement

Unlock the power of storytelling with a customized narrative for your event. Receive positive stories highlighting what makes your occasion environmentally friendly. Utilize these stories before, during, and after the event to engage participants.

Concrete Recommendations for Future Events

Benefit from concrete recommendations to enhance the sustainability of your future events. We provide practical guidance on reducing carbon emissions and making lasting positive changes.

Badge and Storytelling Integration

Showcase your commitment to sustainability with your Climate Score badge prominently displayed during the event. Additionally, use the storytelling content for social media, your website, and event apps to amplify your eco-friendly initiatives.


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