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Welcome to ClimateScore for Events

Welcome to ClimateScore for Events your partner in orchestrating events that are not only impactful but also environmentally responsible. Wondering why ClimateScore is the perfect fit for your event? It’s simple. By embracing eco-conscious practices such as sustainable meals, efficient transportation, and waste reduction, your event has the potential to significantly cut emissions.

We understand that saying no to all events and travel isn’t realistic. Instead, the key is to cut down on unnecessary meetings while ensuring that when live events are essential, they are conducted with a strong commitment to sustainability.

The choices made during your event, including the food offered at the venue, can significantly influence your carbon emissions and ESG report. With ClimateScore, you have the power to create a climate-conscious event that not only reduces CO2 emissions at your event and future events, as you’ll receive recommendations for improvements, but also aligns with your broader environmental goals.

Here’s why you should choose ClimateScore for your event:

  • Climate Score®: Receive a Climate Score® based on data for your planned event. This score serves as a comprehensive measure of your event’s environmental impact
  • CO2 Breakdown and Savings: Gain valuable insights into the CO2 footprint of your event and discover the savings achieved through eco-conscious actions compared to a scenario with no sustainability measures
  • Concrete Recommendations: Benefit from practical and actionable recommendations to enhance the sustainability of your future events, contributing to lasting positive changes
  • Badge and Storytelling Integration: Showcase your commitment to sustainability with a prominently displayed Climate Score badge during the event. Leverage the storytelling content for social media, your website, and event apps to amplify your eco-friendly initiatives
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: ClimateScore offers cost-effective solutions for events of all sizes, with transparent pricing based on the number of participants.

With ClimateScore, make informed choices that not only benefit the planet but also align with smart business decisions.