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We understand that saying no to all events and travel isn’t realistic. Instead, the key is to cut down on unnecessary meetings while ensuring that when live events are essential, they are conducted with a strong commitment to sustainability.

Getting started with creating your climate-conscious event using ClimateScore is a breeze. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you kickstart the process:

Find Your Venue

Begin by identifying your event venue and taking stock of the number of participants. The choice of venue and its sustainability practices significantly influences your event’s overall environmental impact. ClimateScore can assist you in selecting venues aligned with eco-friendly principles, laying the foundation for a truly climate-conscious event.

Reach Out to Us

Transforming your event into a leader of eco-consciousness is just an email or a call away. Contact us to begin the process. The ClimateScore team is ready to collaborate with you, offering guidance on sustainable practices tailored to your event’s unique needs.

Pro Tip:

Include Sustainability in Your Registration Process

A significant portion of emissions is related to transportation and food and beverages. Utilize our registration process to encourage participants to opt for eco-conscious means of transportation and select a climate-friendly dietary option while at the venue. Achieve this by requesting information about their travel plans to and from the destination and providing the opportunity for them to choose vegetarian meal options.